Warranties cost everyone money!

In an effort to minimize the impact it has on our customers and speed up the time necessary to process and issue warranty credits, we've made some changes...

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

We recently centralized and moved all warranty administration to the new location to better serve our customers. Warranty administratorexploded_view Edgar Broome is working to ensure that each of our customers receive the correct service they need in the timely manner that they deserve.

Each branch location will accept warranty items and process the initial warranty claim at the counter. That claim and RMA is electronically transmitted to the warranty department at our Thomas Rd. location where the information supplied is verified for completeness and accuracy and the claim is submitted to the vendor for credit.
All open claims to vendors as well as all open RMA's to our customers are monitored daily. The minute the claim is approved, the customer's RMA is confirmed and credit is issued.

There are several things which can slow the process and we ask that everyone help in minimizing the time and effort necessary to get vendor approval on these claims.

Please avoid the following:

  • Claims submitted with missing required information such as missing or incorrect model or serial numbers, date of installation or installation address will cause the warranty claim to be rejected and require further communication and investigation to obtain credits.
  • Warranty returns for items where purchase date cannot be verified.
  • Warranty returns for items that are outside the warranty period (warranty expired).
  • Warranty returns on items purchased on close-out specials or purchased "as is".

Note: Customers with open credit accounts requiring a new replacement part will be billed for that item and credit will be issued to your account upon verification of warranty from manufacturer. This usually takes less than 10 days.

Customers with COD credit accounts will be required to pay for replacement items until verification of warranty is obtained from manufacturer. Refund will be given in the manner of payment, i.e., credit cards will have credit issued to card used for replacement purchase. All others will be refunded with company check.

SPECIAL NOTE concerning warranties for parts NOT ORIGINALLY PURCHASED from HVAC.

Maintaining a reasonable stock of warranty parts for equipment they sell is the responsibility of every distributor. The time spent researching the correct replacement parts, ordering, stocking, pulling, filing warranty claim forms and finally receiving and posting the credits is a cost we absorb. We receive NO COMPENSATION from the manufacturer for stocking those parts and administering the warranty programs on behalf of the manufacturer.

In instances where we are asked to perform those services for equipment we DID NOT ORIGINALLY SELL, we will charge a "Handling Charge" of $50 for compressor warranties and $35 for all other parts. Since we did not profit from the original sale, we must charge for warranty services.
If you do not have an open account (in good standing), you will be required to pay for any warranty parts (as well as the handling charge) at the time the order is placed and you will receive reimbursement (less the handling charge) when HVAC receives credit from the manufacturer.

Warranty policies vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some allow "over the counter exchange" on some items. Some require the return of the defective items while others authorize "field scrap".

We are here to assist in any way we can to insure your warranty returns are handled as efficiently and accurately as possible. If you have questions concerning our warranty terms or policies, please contact us at support@gohvacsales.com or call Ed at 901-767-0999. He will be glad to answer any questions you have.

**Any customers requiring parts for warranty purposes that are not "in stock" will be responsible for all freight and handling charges incurred. See our Freight and Special Order Policy page for more info.